Capital Cupcake

(Thanks for the pic Simply Anne from flickr)

How can it be that Ottawa doesn’t have a cupcake shop? What are we? Betty Crocker loyalists? Well here’s what the rest of the country has to offer in the way of cupcake shops. Drool over this…

The cupcake shoppe with flavours from “Yonge n’ Eligible” to “Sleepless in Toronto”, the sweets look as good as they sound.

Babycake Cupcakes offer “Velvet Underground” and “Polar Bear” cupcakes. Yum.

Check out Itsi Bitsi in Montreal. They’ve got special cupcakes for the days of the week. Ooooh! “Fennel Orange” Tuesdays!

Now I’ve died and gone to diet heaven. Clever Cupcakes have “Wholesome Cupcakes” that are made with 100% whole wheat and sweetened with Agave nectar. Ok…it doesn’t sound as fabulous as a good ol’ sugar fest but they’re good for you! Swoon!

Cupcakes Online has seasonal cupcakes from “Donutella” to “Sweet Sixteen”

I was sure there would be a vegan cupcake store in Vancouver but alas…nada.

Now we’ve just got to get some cupcake action in Ottawa and we’ll be set.


3 thoughts on “Capital Cupcake

  1. There is actually quite a bit of cupcake action in Ottawa. Although I must admit they aren’t easy to find. 🙂

    You will see most of it at Capital Cupcake Camp on March 29th! A gathering of bakers & cupcake enthusiasts (for charity) at the Jack Purcell Community Centre on Elgin St.

    Be sure to check it out!
    I’m a baker but I don’t have my website up yet… until then you can see my goodies over at

    Hope to see you at CupcakeCamp!!

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